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Image: Interview: Dave Snowden, Store Manager of Diesel

Interview: Dave Snowden, Store Manager of Diesel

Dave Snowden is a connoisseur of denim. He is, by his own admission, a collector of denim; he owns over two hundred pairs. There is a spare room of his house devoted to them. He discovered his love for them when he was nineteen, in Amsterdam.

“I worked for G-Star RAW and won a competition to go to their Head Offices,” he says. “I got to see how all their jeans were made, got to meet the people that made them. I started looking into it more, and started buying jeans.

“I think it’s nice to have a pair of denim that’s taken a while to make. That’s why I like the stuff we do. Diesel is a company that I’ve wanted to work for, for a while.”


Web-DSC02406Dave has been the Manager of the Diesel store in Leeds for seven months. A relatively new addition to the brand’s global workforce, Dave is one of its biggest fans. He talks excitedly about Diesel’s provocative advertising campaigns; just this year, the brand created a fake pop-up store in New York, selling limited edition Diesel products disguised as knockoffs. A month later, they released a collaborative collection with Hood By Air’s founder Shayne Oliver at Paris Fashion Week.

“They’ve started to do a lot of different things, bringing on board independent designers to do capsule collections, stuff like that,” says Dave. “A lot of our new stuff is very streetwear-inspired.”



Denim is not only central to the brand’s heritage but remains its most popular product. Dave tells us that the majority of the shop’s clientele are repeat customers. It takes a while to wear out a pair of Diesel jeans; which is why, when you do, you tend to come back.

“The fits have specific names, so a customer could walk in and ask for that name and we’ll have ten new styles in that jean,” he says. “We’re quite a small store, so we can offer a premium service. We want a customer to come in, get a feel for the product and know what they’re buying.”



Diesel is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the brand this year. “They’re going to be doing tons of events worldwide, and new product launches specifically for the birthday,” says Dave.

“Currently, I like all the new retro stuff. They teased some of it at the start of the season; now they’re doing all the winter colours like greens, maroons and yellows.

“This season’s trend is Japanese streetwear meets British punk. So you’ll have oversized, multi-layered dresses for women, combined with massive leather boots.

“And,” he adds, “loads of denim.”


To learn more about Diesel, you can visit their website here

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